Finally, a Real Alternative to Confluence

Outline is the fast, modern, alternative to Confluence that your team has been looking for – on-premise or in the cloud.

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Outline screenshot

Good lookin’ docs, without even trying.

An easy to use editor with markdown shortcuts, slash commands, and media embeds that looks great by default.

Outline task lists
Outline permissions

Access control & permissions.

Manage access to your knowledge base with read & write permissions, user groups, guest users, public sharing, and more…

Structured & instantly searchable.

Nest documents in a hierachy, automatically build a network of backlinks and search across everything in ms.

Outline search
Custom domain

Cloud hosted or on-premise.

Outline is available as a cloud hosted service that’s always up-to-date or as a self-hosted install on your own network.

Unlimited documents
Full version history
Team templates
Audit logEnterprise-only
Single sign-onEnterprise-only
Fast, really fast
Install on-premise

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Get Started for Free →30-day trial, no credit card required