About Us

The team behind Outline

Outline is a wiki and knowledge base built for growing teams. We’re focused on speed, usability and extensibility.

The open source project is maintained by Jori Lallo and Tom Moor. Having both run venture-backed software startups previously and seeing many similar VC-funded products try and fail while the market need remained we decided to try a different approach. So don’t worry, Outline is here to last.

Outline is currently in public beta. The hosted service will stay free during this period. After that we will offer Outline free to get started and have reasonable plans for larger teams.

Jori Lallo
Tom Moor

Open Source

Outline is built by a group of core maintainers, we believe in being honest and transparent.

You can view Outline’s source code on GitHub.


Why would I pay you if I can run Outline myself?

You don’t have to but you might have better things to do with your time. When you sign up for Outline, you’ll always be running the latest version, have all the features and we’ll answer the questions your team might have. You’ll also help to keep Outline getting better by supporting us financially.

Can I use X to signup for Outline?

We started with Slack and Google as many teams are already using these services for team identity. We’ll consider adding more login methods soon. Please let us know which one you would like to see next here.

How can I export my data if you go away?

Outline includes the ability to export individual documents, collections or your entire knowledge base to markdown with a single click so you’re never locked in. We also have an extensive API that can be used for accessing documents programatically.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can drop us a note on our Spectrum community or email us at [email protected].