Your team’s knowledge base

Team wiki, documentation, meeting notes, playbooks, onboarding, work logs, brainstorming, & more…

Improve Communication

Easily structure your team’s information in one central, structured location. No more hunting through folders or scanning pages of search results and chat conversations.

Safe & Secure

Outline provides a secure place for your team’s documentation on our hosted platform, stored in portable Markdown format. Or, you can run a copy on your own servers.

Outline Screenshot

Blazing Fast

Outline is fast, really fast. We’ve worked hard to ensure millisecond response times – documents load instantly, search is speedy and navigating the UI is delightful.

Markdown Support

Documents are stored in plain Markdown making editing, import and export painless. Shortcuts are also built right into the editor so you can easily format using **markdown syntax** if you like.

 Slack & API

Get Slack notifications about changes and search Outline directly within Slack using the /outline <keyword> command. Access your information programatically through the modern API.

Slack App

 Open Source

Outline’s source code is public, and the editor is open source licensed so the community can help improve it too. You get new features, interface improvements, bug fixes, and a transparent roadmap for free.