New updates and improvements to Outline.
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Collection Permissions & Viewers

viewer permissions

In the last couple of weeks we've deployed two changes that together really improve the permissions story in Outline. It's now possible to make a user a "viewer" at the team level, meaning they will not be able to edit any collections or documents at all.

We also added the option to make the default access level for a collection "view only", you can then select just a couple of team members to have edit permissions.


  • Added the ability to drag and drop files into the collection screen
  • Improved and more comprehensive translations
  • Visual improvements to dark mode styling and mobile context menus
  • Added a /logout route to support SLO
  • When viewing a public share route while signed in with edit permissions an "Edit" button is now displayed


  • Suspending a user now logs them out of any active sessions immediately
  • When a suspended user tries to sign in with email the situation is now explained more clearly to them
  • Fixed an error in the API endpoint when the user that originally creating share has been deleted
  • Fixed an issue with invisible list bullets in Firefox
  • Fixed a rare error when moving documents
  • Fixed embed support for Lucid Charts on the domain