New updates and improvements to Outline.
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Document Insights

viewer details

We've rolled out a number of UI improvements in the past couple of weeks within documents. It's now possible to see who on your team has viewed a document, simply click on the "Viewed by X people" text beneath the title for a detailed flyover of everyone that has viewed and when.

The pile of faces at the top right of a document continues to show who has previously edited or is active right now. We'll be adding more detailed team-level insights soon!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added print "page break" functionality to editor to adjust print layout (Insert via slash menu)
  • Permissions-policy header to disable FLOC is now returned on all pages
  • Document content now takes up more horizontal space on larger screens


  • Fixed content appearing behind status bar in iOS PWA on some models of iPhone
  • Moving a duplicated document from a private to a not-private collection now updates the permissions of it's attachments
  • Improved frontend support for importing doc, docx files
  • Slack 'Post to channel' functionality now works without the requirement of using Slack SSO
  • Page no longer reloads in Firefox when clicking some menu items
  • Removed extra space on left side of page when printing in Firefox
  • Fixed print styles in dark mode
  • Improved editor image upload to remove flickering of image when the placeholder is replaced
  • Fixed document hover preview appearing behind subheadings
  • Fixed several smaller editor issues and crashes
  • Typing a word with underscores in the middle no longer creates italic text