New updates and improvements to Outline.
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  • Exported markdown files are now cleaner than ever before


  • Fixed an issue that could cause checkbox list items with escaped characters in the text to show the escape characters after reload
  • Fixed an error when adding Github Gist embeds
  • Fixed an error when attempting to load a group where a user has had their account removed
  • Invalid regex error on Safari when filtering users with some characters
  • We now auto focus the search input when adding users to a collection
  • Imported documents now get a best-guess title based on the content and file name
  • It's no longer possible to get checkbox state out of sync with view by clicking rapidly
  • Placeholder or "Type / to insert text" can no longer can appear behind images
  • Fixed an error when pasting markdown into the document
  • Fixed an error when attempting to make a selection that surrounds an embed
  • Pressing "Escape" key in link editor now restores editor focus