New updates and improvements to Outline.
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  • The table of contents moved from being hidden on the edge of the screen to optionally toggleable inline with the document content. It follows your scroll position, highlights the active section and is just generally much more usable now. Toggle on the new contents with the icon at the end of the breadcrumb in the document header.

  • Titles also gained a metadata line underneath which shows the last team member to edit the document and the total number of times it's been viewed – we plan to keep increasing the utility of this area.



  • Timestamps now update while you're viewing a screen without needing to navigate or refresh.
  • The document history sidebar now scrolls independently of the document content
  • The document history sidebar now loads correctly if you navigate straight to a history link
  • Document updated notification emails now take into account your teams subdomain
  • All collaborators on a document will now receive notification emails, rather than just the document creator (If they have chosen to do so in settings).
  • < Back buttons in modals can no longer scroll off-screen
  • Long document titles are now better handled in the navigation sidebar