New updates and improvements to Outline.
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New Features

  • It's now possible to invite guests to your wiki that can sign-in with their email address.
  • We added the "Trash" menu item in the sidebar which shows recently deleted documents and gives you an opportunity to restore them for 30 days.


  • Added a new keyboard shortcut (CMD+SHIFT+P) to publish the current document
  • Added support for InVision live image links


  • Selecting "Document history" when the history sidebar is already open now closes the sidebar
  • Toggling "Starred" in the document menu now keeps the menu open so that feedback is visible
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent moving a document inside another within a private collection
  • "Import document" in collection menu now works when triggered from the sidebar
  • Fixed an issue that caused regex-like search queries to error
  • Fixed unable to embolden hashtags in editor
  • Fixed an extra space character in the editor when typing markdown shortcuts
  • Fixed a display issues with collaborator avatars not overlapping