New updates and improvements to Outline.
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  • Documents in private collections now show a little padlock next to the collection name in feeds such as Home, Starred, and Drafts.
  • The color picker for collections got an upgrade it's now a little less in your face when creating a new collection
  • Tooltips now show applicable keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to learn!


  • Improved accessibility of buttons, added new focus states
  • Visiting a doc without permission will now display a "Not found" screen rather than forever loading
  • Added missing display of audit log events for user promotion / demotion and suspension
  • Fixed some heading alignments
  • Improved client side security by adding extensive CSP rules to all html responses
  • Slack notifications are now sent on the publish event again
  • Infinite loading document lists no longer jump back to the top while scrolling
  • Restored selected state for images and horizontal rules
  • Headings in the editor now start at level 2 to take into account level 1 title