New updates and improvements to Outline.
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New Features

This release includes references (or backlinks) – these are automated links that are shown at the bottom of a document telling you which other documents it was linked from. Backlinks have been a feature of wiki software for many years and it's great to have first class support in Outline.

Backlinks in Outline

To create a reference you only need to link to another document in your knowledgebase.

Hint: Select some text and hit the CMD+K shortcut to quickly create a link.


  • The "..." document menu is now available from the sidebar
  • It's now possible to create public share links to your drafts
  • Clearer buttons and "New doc" actions
  • Improved the first-run onboarding documents to be more helpful and descriptive
  • Improved color accessibility
  • Tightened up list and link styling


  • Fixed a UI performance regression introduced by tooltips
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Save/Publish buttons to show as disabled for an extended amount of time when creating a new document