New updates and improvements to Outline.
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New Features

  • Document archive, you can now choose to store documents outside of a collection without deleting them.
  • A little thing called night mode! Toggle in the settings menu whether you prefer Outline to be daylight white 🌞 or midnight black 🌚.

night mode


  • CMD+Enter will now publish the current document if it's a draft
  • The Esc key now exits editing a document
  • The N key is now a shortcut to start a new document in the current collection
  • Improved the empty state for user profiles


  • Fixed list editing functionality in editor
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a corrupted session cookie when signing out of one account while signed in to multiple accounts
  • Updated to Slack's fancy new icon
  • When sharing a link to a heading the page will now scroll to the heading correctly once the document loads
  • Fixed adding Outline as a PWA now works correctly
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts now display correctly to non-mac users