New updates and improvements to Outline.
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  • Search results now show a snippet of where in the document the term was found
  • Slack slash command results also show this snippet! ^
  • Improved the ranking of search results
  • Added the ability to create a new document from the Starred and Drafts screens
  • Added a button to share the document in the header
  • When connecting a Slack channel we now post an explanatory message into the channel #738

search snippets


  • It's now possible to create links to anchors within a document, clicking those links will scroll correctly and not hide the heading behind the top bar.
  • Clicking anchors next to headings now copies a link to the clipboard #739
  • There is now a 100 character limit on document titles
  • If a document errors while rendering it no longer renders the entire app unusable. We also added more error details to make bug reporting easier. #737