New updates and improvements to Outline.
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Task lists and improved history

task list

Task lists

You've been able to create a task list or a checkbox list in Outline for a while, but this week brings a nice improvement - we added task summaries so you can see how many tasks a doc contains and how many are completed without even opening it!

This is great for simple checklists such as new employee onboarding or a release checklist that you wouldn't neccesarily put in an issue tracker. You can also create repetitive task lists in templates.

Document history improvements

The history sidebar was rebuilt to shows more than just edits, it now also includes archive, delete, publish, moves, and other events that happen during the document's lifetime.

You can find the new sidebar by clicking on the last edited timestamp or under "History" in the document menu.

document history

Other fixes and improvements

  • We've made a number of server-side performance improvements
  • The "Home" tab now defaults to show recently viewed documents
  • Fixed an issue that potentially suppressed email notifications for document edits
  • Fixed the templates page erroring when scrolled