New updates and improvements to Outline.
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Summer Release

Wow, another month has passed, here's a quick update on what's changed since June, as is often the case as well as the big stuff we've been working on a lot of "little details"
that make the daily experience better but aren't always immediately visible.

Improved search abilities

We're now tracking all the previous titles that a document has had to improve search results and increase the liklihood of surfacing the right document, even if you can't quite remember what it's latest title is.

Collapsible headings

We brought back the ability to collapse sections of a document under headings – simply hover over any heading to see a new control to collapse the contents. Your preference is stored locally and is not seen by other team members that view the document.

Collapsible headings

Drag and drop to archive or delete

You can now drag and drop documents from the sidebar directly into the archive or trash, similar to how you would move or reorder. There's a cute animation included to let you know what will happen too.

Drag to archive

Other fixes and improvements

  • Lots more translation hooks were added, we're very close to 100% coverage so that the entirety of the UI can appear in the language of your choice.
  • Added access to the Table of Contents on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where the star option would appear for templates
  • Fixed the "publish" button being disabled on drafts when not editing them
  • Added new language options – Persian and Japanese 🌏
  • Added support for Google DataStudio embeds