New updates and improvements to Outline.
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New year, new sidebar

Last week we deployed a new version of the Outline sidebar – it looks very similar to before – but make no mistake it's rebuilt from the ground up! With this new foundation comes the ability to reorder and move documents with drag and drop…

Re-ordering in Outline

…plus you can now collapse the sidebar entirely (cmd+. is the handy shortcut for this one).

Other notable fixes and improvements

  • Switching between read / write in editor no longer resets scroll position
  • The "highlighted" text color was changed from blue to yellow, to better separate highlight from selection
  • Added syntax highlighting support for Golang
  • Added support for floating images left and right
  • Added a toggle for starred status when viewing a document
  • Fixed "ctrl-x" key shortcuts not bound correctly in Windows browsers
  • Fixed search results not updating when changing filters without reloading
  • The "New" badge will no longer show to document creator
  • Google Drive embeds are now supported
  • And much more…