Reordering Collections

Reordering collections in Outline

Building on our sidebar improvements from the start of the year, it's now possible to reorder collections in the sidebar as a team admin – changes to the sidebar are synced to all team members. We also added reordering of list items in documents with a new drag and drop handle or the handy ALT+Up/Down shortcut.

Other fixes and improvements


  • Private collections now show a "Private" badge next to the title
  • Enlarged the scrollable area in the sidebar for improved UX on small screens
  • Added Russian language translations
  • Document menus now include an "Import document" option to import as a sub-document
  • It's now possible to upload images into collection descriptions
  • When viewing documents in the trash, their images no longer show as broken
  • An error when search term includes the "%" character has been resolved
  • Fixed an issue where moving a document in a private collection would cause it to become uneditable until reload


  • Resolved some instances where an invalid selection would crash the editor
  • It's now possible to drag and drop images into the editor from the file system again
  • Sticky document title no longer moves position when the document is saving
  • Drop cursor is now visible in dark theme as a white line
  • Improved pasting behavior into editor, particularly with external HTML and Markdown