New updates and improvements to Outline.
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A new publishing flow

Publish a document

We've made some improvements to the publishing flow in Outline – you can now create a document without worrying about where to store it first.

Before this update, you had to choose the location for a document before creating it, which could be frustrating for those who wanted to create a note quickly and worry about organizing it later. With the new publishing flow, you can create a document first and then choose where it will live in your knowledge base.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We no longer show a Print option in browsers without a printer
  • Avatars will now fallback to showing colored initials when offline
  • Full width images in the editor are now aligned correctly in RTL docs
  • We improved pasting of tables from desktop software such as Office and Numbers
  • Fixed a bug where text in revision history was unreadable in dark mode
  • Fixed a bug where pipe characters inside tables were not rendered correctly