Progressive Web App

Outline on macOS

This week brings PWA support to Outline, allowing you to install the app to your desktop and dock in just a couple of seconds. We've been enjoying how lightweight this install is while keeping the two best parts of a native app experience – an icon in the dock and a dedicated window. To try it out, head over to the app, signin, and hit the "Install" button that appears in the address bar.

Other fixes and improvements


  • It's now possible edit the description of a collection inline.
  • We added the ability to disable sharing of individual collections.
  • The sidebar is now resizable, you can also grab the edge and drag it all the way to the left to collapse.
  • Newly created documents now sort to the top of manually organized collections.
  • The sidebar now automatically scrolls to ensure that the active item is kept visible.
  • When navigating to a collection the default tab now reflects the sidebar rather than a "recently updated" view.
  • Added total user counts to tabs on people management screen.
  • Added Google Drawings Integration.
  • Unpublishing a document created by another user now puts it in your drafts, not theres.


  • Fixed highlighted text with link in dark mode is impossible to read
  • Fixed a case where it was possible to to keep the block menu open while formatting menus are also open
  • Editor ctrl+x shortcuts now work correctly on Windows
  • Shift+Enter keys now split list items and create a newline
  • Shift+Enter and Tab keys now behave as expected within code blocks
  • Fixed an issue where the text caret in an empty notice block is invisible