New updates and improvements to Outline.
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Microsoft SSO

Microsoft Sign In

We’re excited to finally add a new sign-in method, Microsoft! Whether you’re using MS Teams, Education, or Office 365, you can now use your organization’s Microsoft account to sign-in to Outline and build a knowledge base.

We’ll soon be working on adding Microsoft Teams integration to allow searching and accessing your Outline documents directly from chat too, just like Slack.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improvements to mobile styling and functionality
  • New "Page break" functionality allows splitting content across pages when printed
  • Sharing functionality got a new, faster, "flyover" view
  • Share links will now show when they were last accessed in the admin
  • The keyboard shortcut guide got a new splash of paint and filter functionality
  • Document content now expands to use more space on larger screens
  • We made a number of performance improvements so Outline got even faster
  • As always, more translated screens