New updates and improvements to Outline.
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May fixes and improvements

Another catchup of improvements and fixes from May that haven't been covered in larger updates, we're always working on making the app faster and more reliable…

  • Lots of backend performance improvements to improve loading speeds, particularly for large collections
  • When importing a document a revision is now written immediately so that it can be restored to the imported state
  • Suspended users are no longer shown as collaborators on documents they've previously edited
  • The submit button is now focused by default in confirmation dialogs
  • We improved the user matching of searches from Slack
  • Links with in-page anchors are no longer broken when a document is renamed
  • Emoji's and embeds are now copied to the clipboard correctly when copying document text
  • Formatting toolbar now appears only once the mouse is released
  • Improved search indexing for publicy shared documents
  • Secondary clicking a link in the editor no longer causes it to open