New updates and improvements to Outline.
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Import from Microsoft Word

Much like last months update our focus continues to be on little details, performance, and bug fixing rather than new features – but some solid new functionality did sneak in with the help of open source contributors…

HTML + Word Import

You can now import HTML and Microsoft Word documents simply by dragging them onto a collection, or from the collection context menu. We also improved the look and feel of GSuite embeds.

New + Unread badges

Lists of documents now show when you last viewed the doc – and new, unread documents are highlighted with a badge so it's easier to spot changes you missed.

new document badge

Other fixes and improvements


  • Share links can now be embedded in iframes
  • Document and collection titles can now be edited from the sidebar by double clicking
  • Improvements to focus accessibility
  • You can now unpublish a document that was previously published via the overflow "..." menu
  • It's now possible to restore documents when their collection has been deleted
  • When a document is deleted the metadata now reflects the correct user
  • It's now possible to view all possible locations when choosing where to move a document
  • An issue with nested modals not stacking correctly
  • Clicking to "change permissions" when editing a collection now works correctly
  • A document that previously had it's share revoked can now be re-shared
  • Shares related to deleted documents no longer appear in the admin area
  • It's no longer possible to create a child document inside a deleted document
  • Improved handling of deleted documents/collections over websockets
  • Fixed new revisions being skipped if identical to previously autosaved revision
  • Document history sidebar now has a header and button to close


  • It's now possible to use line breaks in table cells with Shift+Enter
  • Google docs, sheets and presentations can now be embedded without requiring "Publish to web" first
  • Styling and behavior of doc link search was improved to be more reliable
  • Selected content in the editor can now be dragged to reorder
  • Table of contents now shows correctly when navigating directly to a document url (eg from a bookmark)
  • It's now possible to toggle a blockquote via the formatting toolbar (previously blockquotes would be continuously nested)
  • Headers inside notice blocks are now the correct color in dark mode
  • Checkboxes can now be toggled in read only mode via the keyboard
  • Enter key in document title now adds a new paragraph below the title
  • Keyboard shortcuts now work when document title is focused
  • It's now possible to underline text in the editor with CMD+U
  • Horizontal dividers are no longer selectable in read-only
  • Automatic linking of pasted URL's is now more reliable
  • Document titles no longer look faded in Safari
  • Fixed cursor navigation around headings in Firefox
  • There is no longer a small pointer dead zone over links when hover card is visible
  • It's now possible to select embeds in the editor
  • "ClickUp" added to embed integrations
  • The positioning of the formatting toolbar has been improved to be more predictable
  • It is now possible to search for existing docs using their URL