New updates and improvements to Outline.
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Friendly Collection URLs

Friendly collection url

This week we've shipped lots of little improvements, one thing you might notice is that collections in Outline no longer have a long UUID in the address bar, instead you'll see a shortened id and a friendly version of the collection name. Not only is this nicer to look at, but it also makes quickly returning to collections via searching in the address bar much easier!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Application size was decreased by several hundred KB
  • Shortcut for toggling the Table of Contents was changed to ctrl+alt+h
  • New language option – Portugêse (Brazil) 🇧🇷
  • Copying a share link to clipboard no longer includes dark mode styles when pasting into another rich editor
  • Fixed alignment of items in "New from template" menu
  • Fixed an issue where two Restore options would appear on a deleted document that was previously archived
  • Fixed background color of select inputs in dark mode on non-Mac platforms
  • Improved the performance of loading share links for documents with many attachments