New updates and improvements to Outline.
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Fit and finish


This months shipped improvements are lots of small details, alignments, bug fixes, and editor improvements. In the background we have been busy building long-awaited file attachments and search for publicly shared documents, both of which will be shipped in the next month.

Fixes & Improvements


  • Table of contents is now available on mobile
  • Improved positioning and editing around images in documents
  • We improved the default paragraph spacing
  • Pasted content from Dropbox Paper is now more accurately preserved
  • Document title no longer allows eronuously pasting rich text
  • Improved the behavior of links and link editing
  • External links now show an icon
  • Added support for domain-restricted Vimeo embeds
  • Fixed a bug that caused todo items to not show as checked in Firefox
  • Tabbing no longer escapes the editor


  • Collections can now be expanded and collapsed independently
  • It is now possible to move a nested document to the collection root by drag and dropping onto the collection
  • Fixed a number of bugs with import and exporting of documents
  • Fixed a bug where virus scanning software would scan magic links and make it impossible to sign-in
  • It's now possible to choose a default "Home" collection for your team
  • Performance, design, and various "fit and finish" improvements
  • Fixed a bug where some buttons would display unstyled in Safari
  • Collections with only drafts no longer show as empty
  • It's no longer possible to see "Never viewed" on a document you created
  • Dangerous menu items now display in a different color
  • Reduced code loading on publicly shared links