New updates and improvements to Outline.
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A new integrated emoji picker

Outline emoji picker

The editor gained a new emoji picker this month, just type ":" and a search term to quickly find relevant emojis for your document!

It's now also possible to set a "default role" for new users that join your knowledge base. For example, new signups can now have viewer priviledges by default. You can find this setting under Settings -> Security.

Fixes and improvements


  • Fixed home key/keycombo not working correctly in headers
  • mailto: links are supported in the editor again
  • Fixed issue where documents beginning with an emoji would overlay the table of contents
  • Clicking outside the editor will now always close an open toolbar
  • Creating newlines from a collapsed heading now behaves more predictably
  • Performance improvements to the editor


  • Customers that have a custom domain no longer show a "Back to website" link on the login screen
  • It's now possible to change the light/dark theme on publicly shared documents
  • You can now delete previous export data. By default these are still removed after 30 days.
  • Creating an API key no longer reloads the entire app
  • Context menus can no longer extend out of the available window space
  • The collection icon picker is now closable on mobile